Why won't my download work? I get an error "provide your license server administrator with the following information Error= -15"

04-27-2017 09:45 PM
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Got this student version from instructor at school. Downloaded the program and get this error.

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Did you authorize the license?

  • If you are using a single-use license, open ArcGIS Administrator > Select the appropriate Single-Use License > Authorize.
  • If you are using a concurrent-use license, (install ArcGIS License Manager,) Open ArcGIS License Administrator > Choose appropriate license type > Authorize. After authorization process is completed, open ArcGIS Administrator and define the hostname/IP address of the License Manager (Define LOCALHOST if the license manager resides in the same machine).

For detailed workflow on the process of authorizing ArcGIS Desktop license, follow the steps in Authorizing your software.

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