Why does a portal feature layer show all attribute data in visualization but in 'Data' it says 'There was an error'?

01-08-2019 09:43 AM
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We are setting up our production AGS and Portal after having everything work using our test environment.  But when I add a feature service from the AGS to our Portal, the 'Data' tab only says "There was an error".  I can see all the data in the 'visualization' tab (with everything showing in the popup), but nothing in data.

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Hello Marybeth Vargha‌,

Could you please confirm the following details:

  • What is the Version of Portal for ArcGIS?
  • Is Portal configured as federated and set as Hosting?
  • Is this occurring only with Hosted Feature Service or also occurring with ArcGIS Server services?
  • Is this working fine if I add the same service to Map Viewer and try to edit?
  • Are we using CA signed certificate, if yes, have imported the complete chain to Portal, take a look at the following doc:
  • Import a certificate into the portal—Portal for ArcGIS (10.6) | ArcGIS Enterprise 



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Thank you for the response  - it turns out that it was some issue with our CA signed certificate for the Portal as you mentioned.  Our network administrator fixed the problem so I am unable to give the details. Works ok now.

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