White stripes in cached raster catalog?

11-13-2016 12:09 AM
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Hello, I have a big raster catalog which I projected from the local projected CS to Web Mercator. Published as cached layer in accordance with AGOL scales. Afterward I see white stripes on the image. When I zoom in, they disappear. How can I get rid of them?


Image looks like that:

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Does the Raster Catalog and the data frame have the same coordinate system (Make sure it does)?

What happens if you convert the raster catalog to Mosaic Dataset and then publish?

Creating a mosaic dataset from an existing raster catalog or mosaic dataset

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We have this problem too with Mosaic dataset.

The first step is to build the Mosaic with the original data and see that it looks fine.

Then try to create reference mosaic with the new projection and define the correct transformation.

The software round the coordinates between different projection and sometime you see a white line of a few centimeters.

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