GP Results not rendering when permissions in place

11-11-2016 06:57 AM
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I have a GP service that provides a mapped output. It works perfectly until I apply permissions to the GP service in Server Manager. Once these are in place the GP task runs and zooms to where the mapped output should be but nothing is visible. I've tried applying permissions to the GP service and the entire folder that sits on the root directory but the same issue arises.

Any suggestions? 

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We just had a similar problem (running the GP service from WAB.

Check BUG-000100346 

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Direct link to the BUG listing BUG-000100346: The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Geoprocessing widget f.. 

Just an fyi for anyone trying to locate bugs, NIMs (older name for bugs), and it looks like at least some ENHancements, go to and put the bug/nim/enh info in the search.  Not always easy to find these things on the web pages. fwiw.