What URL do I use when adding an attachment in Portal with ArcGIS Data Store installed and configured?

09-24-2018 12:15 PM
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I have successfully installed, implemented and configured ArcGIS Data Store 10.6.1...everything works exactly as it should in Portal for ArcGIS.  I was pleasantly surprised that my entire geodatabase was automatically converted and is now "hosted".  This was all done in our sandbox environment...next step is to replicate all of this in production.

I have also got the CSV drag and drop option to work  (that too was easy) and this will be most useful for our demonstration in November.

However, I do have a question (in two parts), and it has to do with file extensions from the popup in Portal.  I already have some URL paths in popups that direct users to external web sites from with various layers in Portal...this is very useful.  However, we have a requirement to enable users to open PDF/XLSX and JPG attachments as well.

I can see that adding the appropriate URL to those files will be required, but herein lies my questions:

1) Where should these files (PDF/XLSX/JPG) reside?  On our ArcGIS Data Store server?  A shared drive?

2) If these files will reside on the ArcGIS Data Store server, what URL should I use (i.e. how should it appear?)?

If these files do reside on our ArcGIS Data Store server, do I just create separate folders for these files on that server's C:\drive (If so I do have a lot of space for these files there)?

Our organization is very cautious about using cloud technology so it is important that these files reside locally on one, or more, of our servers.


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You can look into enabling attachments for the hosted feature service. The attachment would be stored in the ArcGIS Data Store along with the data for the service.

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Thanks again...this proved to be what I needed to learn.  I had a completely wrong idea of how attachments worked...but I got it to work now :-).

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