Print widget drops features on map and legend symbol of Point layer as PNG in Web Map?

09-22-2018 10:49 PM
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I have couple of layers in web map e.g. Parks, Museums etc. I set legend symbol of Parks and Museums as PNG image in web map.

My ArcGIS Enterprise version is 10.5.1

I created my custom print layout and published on ArcGIS server as per documented here

Tutorial: Publishing additional services for printing—ArcMap | ArcGIS Desktop 

I changed the Utility services URL in Portal for ArcGIS and getting all my custom layout listed in drop-down.

I created app using Web App builder developer edition and adding print widget.

Now, When I print using print Widget Web App builder, Point layer features (Parks, Museums), the features on map and legends symbol (PNG image as legend symbol) drops during the printing in all the formats (PDF, PNG, JPG etc..).

If I changed Point layer( Parks, Museums) legend symbols to Portal in built symbol e.g. Pin mark symbol, its printing and visible on map as well as in legend all the formats (PDF, PNG JPG etc..).

Ideas ? 

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Legends may get dropped off because there may be too many legends to fit into the area provided to the legend element on your template layout.

Please check out the following help topic:

Working with legends—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop 

If you have too many layers, you may try turning map-service/mapImage layers', that are not visible in your current map extent, visibility off.

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Hi Tanu,

Thanks for your reply. I have many layers and all are fit into legend, only PNG image disappears on map and legend as well. I also tried to print only single layer with Legend symbol as PNG image and that also not printing on map and legend as well.

I am not sure what would be causing this. 

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