What is the Tilemap setting under Mapping Capabilities when publishing a Service?

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06-03-2019 09:13 PM
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When publishing a service in ArcGIS Server Advanced 10.6.1, under the Capabilities for the Mapping Service, I see there is a new operation allowed : Tilemap.  What does this do?

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I haven't used this. But I am wondering if this could be as useful as the tiled feature services coming in 10.7.x Esri mentioned in the Developer Conference.

Here is my question / scenario for Esri:  I have a file geodatabase powering my map viewer www.sagis.org/map   It is read only in a file geodatabase in web Mercator.  Would republishing with this 'tilemap' capability checked off, tile the layers, akin to how it works with rasters? If it is a map image layer would it have transparency and would I be able to "see" through the layers? Would it handle re-ordering in the layer list, and behave otherwise just as it does now as a regular map image layer?  Does it tile into the data store? And what do I do, when it comes time to update the vector data, which I'm currently doing quarterly? And also what implications will there be when I get replication set up and it becomes automatic weekly?  Currently I have Server 10.6.1 and looking to go 10.7.1 when it ships.  I was thinking of going tiled feature layers but maybe I just need tiled map layers? Whatever's absolutely the fastest for performance, both for the user and server, is the option I am looking to go with.

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Should the tilemap setting only apply to mapping services which are cached?

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Based on this documentation it sounds like this option is for cached map services and image services (if you have the image server extension) NOT dynamic map services as it talks about reference to tiles. With a dynamic map service you are not pre-generating tiles.

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