What is CachingToolsEx?

03-13-2019 05:44 PM
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In previous versions of ArcGIS Server, CachingControllers and CachingTools were the primary avenue for configuring and monitoring caching activities. Now at 10.6.1, it seems the job goes to CachingToolsEx which is not exposed in Server Manager. The only method to monitor if the job is running is to remote onto the server and look at core utilisation. CachingControllers instances will still increment to reflect the number of jobs running, but there is no exposure of the server utilisation. It does seem that the number of instances for CachingToolsEx is defined by the number of instances set in CachingTools. But, instances in use for CachingTools will remain at 0 even if all cores are being used by CachingToolsEx.

Is there any documentation on what CachingToolsEx is? And, how can we expose this to users so they can confirm their caching job is running correctly on the server?

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I had a similar, unanswered, question about what these Ex services do. https://community.esri.com/thread/219675-publishingtoolsex-synctoolsex-what-are-the-ex-services Some documentation would be great...

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I know that the PublishingToolsEx primarily links some of the source code dependencies on the back end, including JAR files. My suspicion is that the process is similar for the CachingToolsEx.

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