Clip or Mask Data in Enterprise

08-03-2020 07:44 PM
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I am looking for a way to clip/mask referenced feature layers for a specific area. 

I have referenced (SQL) data layers for an entire town that I want to clip to just a sporting precinct. I would then like to display the data in a dashboard with counts and summaries of just the clipped area.  

I know I could set up a model in Pro to clip the data and share it to Portal, however I am looking for a way to do this in Portal so the data is live and not a copy that needs to be updated. 

Any ideas, greatly appreciated

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I'll just throw in an idea but I don't know how to implement it exactly.

I would guess it's possible to add a View captured from the RDBMS (SQL) table based upon geometry extent or if the feature geometry intersects a certain envelope? Then you could publish that view?

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Hi Rebekah Polette‌,

Starting ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 release, we support end clients to define clipping and spatial filter polygons in a map service export/identify/find operation. Please see the link below and see whether you will find it useful in your case.



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Hi David & Tanu, 

Thank you for your suggestions, I will look into both of those. 



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