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PublishingToolsEx, SyncToolsEx... What are the *Ex services?

Question asked by matt2222 on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2020 by rmolumby-esristaff

Server 10.5.1

Whats the difference between the PublishingTools, SyncTools, CachingTools and their Ex versions inside the System folder?


I now know that PublishingToolsEx is required to register a data connection with the data store, but I cant find any documentation on what these do exactly.


The reason I ask is because I was troubleshooting an issue where I couldn't register a new data connection. I noticed the logs mentioned something about not finding the service PublishingToolsEx. I didn't have one. I then found Problem: Publishing a feature service to ArcGIS Server fails after ArcGIS Server is upgraded 

I had recently upgraded to 10.5.1 from 10.4.1, so I guess that explained my issue. I recreated the PublishingToolsEx service as described in the article. I poked around the web and found that there should be other *Ex services as well. What are these? Do I need to bother recreating the Sync and Caching ones? If so, do the instructions for PublishingToolsEx work? e.g. SyncTools - Just change the name to SyncToolsEx and provider to ArcObjects11 ?

  1. Paste the JSON script copied in step 3 and replace "serviceName": "PublishingTools" with "serviceName": "PublishingToolsEx" and "provider"."ArcObjects" with "provider"."ArcObjects11".