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PublishingToolsEx, SyncToolsEx... What are the *Ex services?

Question asked by matt2222 on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by carlosnantes

Server 10.5.1

Whats the difference between the PublishingTools, SyncTools, CachingTools and their Ex versions inside the System folder?


I now know that PublishingToolsEx is required to register a data connection with the data store, but I cant find any documentation on what these do exactly.


The reason I ask is because I was troubleshooting an issue where I couldn't register a new data connection. I noticed the logs mentioned something about not finding the service PublishingToolsEx. I didn't have one. I then found Problem: Publishing a feature service to ArcGIS Server fails after ArcGIS Server is upgraded 

I had recently upgraded to 10.5.1 from 10.4.1, so I guess that explained my issue. I recreated the PublishingToolsEx service as described in the article. I poked around the web and found that there should be other *Ex services as well. What are these? Do I need to bother recreating the Sync and Caching ones? If so, do the instructions for PublishingToolsEx work? e.g. SyncTools - Just change the name to SyncToolsEx and provider to ArcObjects11 ?

  1. Paste the JSON script copied in step 3 and replace "serviceName": "PublishingTools" with "serviceName": "PublishingToolsEx" and "provider"."ArcObjects" with "provider"."ArcObjects11".