webgisdr - Export Failure: Configuration store error (Non Default 'Local Repository Path')

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06-25-2019 12:07 PM
by MVP


We are trying to execute the webgisdr utility on one of our ArcGIS Enterprise solutions. The ArcGIS Server 'Local Repository Path' is not the standard C:\arcgisserver\local\config-store but instead placed on a 😧 location. Here is a quick snip from the ArcGIS Server admin console:

And the failure we are getting from the webgisdr utility:

C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\tools\webgisdr>webgisdr.bat --export --file D:\we
Starting the WebGIS DR utility.

The configuration and base backup time in the current Web GIS
Portal: https://www.example.com/portal
|-- Hosting Server: https://MachineName.Domain:6443/arcgis
| |
| |-- Relational Data Store: https://MachineName.Domain:2443/arcgis

Starting the backup process with the WebGIS DR utility.

Starting the backup for Portal for ArcGIS:
Url: https://www.example.com/portal.

Starting the backup for ArcGIS Server:
Url: https://MachineName.Domain:6443/arcgis.

Starting the backup for ArcGIS Data Store:
Url: https://MachineName.Domain:2443/arcgis.

Failed to back up the ArcGIS Server:
Url: https://MachineName.Domain:6443/arcgis.
{"code":500,"messages":["Export operation failed. Configuration store error. File system 'C:\\arcgisserver\\local\\config-store' connection failed. The specified location is not accessible. Ensure that the ArcGIS Server account has read and write access to the location. "],"status":"error"}

The following ArcGIS Data Store has been backed up successfully:
Url: https://MachineName.Domain:2443/arcgis.

The backup of ArcGIS Data Store has completed in 00hr:00min:21sec.

The following Portal for ArcGIS has been backed up successfully:
Url: https://www.example.com/portal.

The backup of Portal for ArcGIS has completed in 00hr:07min:37sec.

The backup of Web GIS components has completed in 00hr:07min:56sec.

Stopping the WebGIS DR utility.

It seems the WebGIS DR utility has a hard coded built in reference to the C:\ path  Any suggestions for resolution?  Thanks!

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Thank you Jonathan. I was able to get webgisdr to work. I suspect the online instructions have been updated since I last used them, which clarified the use of the FQDN. Thank you for the great explanations and offer of help.

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