Web Adaptor and SQL server in cloud architecture

09-15-2020 06:23 AM
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i am interested in installing my development environment on the cloud. I saw that I could use the enterprise builder for cloud and I will get all the components on one machine.

I was wondering if someone can recommand the best practices regarding the web adaptors? Do I need to get one for portal and one for server? Or if I have a reverse proxy they are not mandatory?

And if I want to get a database, can I install SQL server express on the same machine, or is that supposed to go on another server? I only deplyed architecture on premises, and cloud is totally new for me.



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by Esri Contributor
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Hi Mélanie,

To answer your question regarding web adaptors please take a look here: https://enterprise.arcgis.com/en/web-adaptor/10.8/install/iis/getting-started-with-the-arcgis-web-ad...

While it is best practice to have one web adaptor for Server and one for Portal, you can certainly utilize one for both.

In addition, here is a brief note on web adaptors and reverse proxies:

If you do not use ArcGIS Web Adaptor in your deployment, ensure that the reverse proxy server's context name only goes one URL level deep. For example, you can have a reverse proxy URL such as https://proxy.domain.com/enterprise, but you cannot have a reverse proxy URL such as https://proxy.domain.com/myorg/enterprise.

Please take a look here for more documentation on reverse proxieshttps://enterprise.arcgis.com/en/web-adaptor/latest/install/iis/using-a-reverse-proxy-server-with-po...

Last, these two links will introduce you to Enterprise in the cloud and Enterprise Databases in the cloud



I hope this helps!

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