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05-04-2022 01:25 AM
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Hello hello,

I want to implement a custom test plan for business-critical releases in the production environment of ArcGIS Enterprise Portal. The test document describes the functional testing of ArcGIS Enterprise Portal and ensures a good user experience, especially from the perspective of browser-based WebApps and the end-user. The purpose of testing is to ensure that the ArcGIS Enterprise environment is working properly. Do others have ideas and experiences about the content of the test plan? All information, such as the use of practical test plans, test content, and blog posts will be appreciated.

The test plan with the pictures has been made so easy to read that anyone can do them, for example, when upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise. The test plan documentation currently describes, among other things, the items listed below:

Publishing services in ArcGIS Portal.
Publishing services in ArcGIS Pro.
Publishing services directly from data to the Portal. Publishing tile datasets and raster datasets packages in the Portal browser interface.
Web Map; compile and publish a new webmap Portal from previously published services.
Web App Builder, tests and verifies the success of existing Web Applications and creates a new Web App.
Successful use of Experience Builder applications and creation of new apps.
Portal home page editing, user creation, editing existing end users and more. 
Portal's Rest API testing.

Thanks in advance.

P.s. Developers are following QA testing for applications in the ArcGIS environment 🙂 -> .

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I find that any change to ArcGIS Enterprise breaks a few services, so I really need to develop automated testing. It has to be 99% automated, I don't have time to check everything.