Using secured rest services with WAB applications.

07-10-2018 11:47 PM
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i am using Arcgis server active directory authorization for securing rest services.

when i add a secured service to portal 10.6, i can see a login screen and i can use my active directory user credentials to see layer in my webmap.

But when i use that webmap in an application made with WAB developer edition and deploy my own server, i have that same error with blank white page just after seeing my basemap;

java.lang.NullPointerException: Input stream is null.

Redirected page adres. (cbs is my web adaptor name that same for server and portal side.yyy aplication foldername in wwwroot folder.): 

Also i get that error message with this page;

 i can use my secured service with arcgis online webmap web aplications,

We want to use our active directory user credentials to authorize rest service address for WAB web applications and show layers for authorized users only with a signin process.

Thank you.


ArcGIS GIS Server Advanced 10.6

Arcgis Portal 10.6

WebApp Builder Developer Ed. 2.8

NonFederated Server-Portal

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  • Portal configured to use HTTPS only
  • Portal's identity store updated
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