Sync Collector Edits: The containing process for 'system/SyncTools' has crashed

06-28-2018 09:50 AM
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Hi, I'm  having an issue synicng edits from Collector (offline map) back to an unversioned, archive enabled features class (Global IDs are included). Server Manager shows the following errors:

1. The containing process for 'system/SyncTools' has crashed

2. Instance of the service 'system/SyncTools.GPServer' has crashed.

There is no error report in the errorreports directory.

I AM able to sync changes from the SDE feature class down to the offline map as long as there are no edits is said offline map. But I can't go the other way. I can also sync edits in Collector from the same feature service if using a connected/online map. Only the edits in the offline map throw the errors when syncing back to SDE.

I've cycled the services, reran the security configuration settings, turned off Editor Tracking, added the meltdown patch for MS and also the ArcGIS Server Improper Access Control Security Patch


ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 

Collector 18.0.1

Thanks for any help


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In case anyone else sees this, I am now able to sync edits. Here are a few tips to get things to work. Keep in mind some of these may be how our own env is set up, but perhaps yours is similar.

1) We use a custom projection for our facility data. Data to be used offline and sync'd with Collector doesn't like to be in a custom projection. At our location, we had to use WGS1984 for this data.

2) Within ArcGIS Server, we use folders for security reasons. The service used for offline editing throw errors (Error 500) if published in any of the directories. It worked when published to the root and then security is set on the service itself

3) I ended using a service name that was too large. Perhaps it made the URL to long. Either way, shortening the name seemed to fix things as well.

I did test each of these individually.