Can't Register feature class as versioned

07-10-2018 01:21 PM
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I am trying to register a feature class as a version, and I got this error:

(Failed to register as versioned, Cannot find the object "d153" because it doesn't exist or you don't have permissions)


Here what I did before, the feature class was already registered as versioned moving the edits to base so I wanted to un-register then register without moving the edits to the base. to do that I compressed the database to state 0 then unregistered the feature class and when I tried to register it again I got this message! 

This message doesn't make any sense:

1- because I am using the data owner user  "sde" ( the database was configured with the sde user as the owner) so I think I have the permission to that.

2- the message reference the delete table "d153" which was droped when the feature class was un-registered as versioned.

what might be the issue here?


I remembered that I restored the database from the backup before doing that, and I didn't Re-sync the sql sever logins after restoring, so I executed this query in SQL

EXEC sp_change_users_login 'Update_One', 'sde', 'sde'

As a result of this I got a new error when I try to register as version


it says that the column 'sde_sate_id' is the geometry table is specified more than once.!!

Thanks alot,


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