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07-07-2018 01:32 AM
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Currently I am working on ArcGIS pro 2.2. Update Subnetwork tool is not able to generate. Below is the issue:

ERROR 000732  Input Utility Network: Dataset https://hw377utl.test.com/server/rest/services/sample/FeatureServer/950 does not exist or is not supported

Please suggest me how to proceed further

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       I had this same error on my environments:

                 10.6.1 and Pro 2.2

       I could solve this error when I published the UN with all UN layers present in the map. (In my case, transmission and distribution layers)


       Check if when you published your map, the warning bellow appeared to you

                 "24099 The web layer being published cannot be consumed by ArcGIS Pro without all the Utility Network layers being present."

       To a fast test, add the UN in the map (it will load all layers from UN in the map)  and publish. 

Hope it helps you!

Antonio Junior.

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