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Unable to Change ArcGIS Data Store Backup Location

12-02-2019 11:25 AM
Regular Contributor

I am currently trying to change the ArcGIS Data Store backup location (using the configurebackuplocation command), but it is not letting me change the location. Every time I try to change the location, it says "Error encountered: Machine (machine URL) returned an error. 'There is a database backup process running.'"

I've set the backup frequency to 0 so it no longer backs up and confirmed that it is no longer writing data to the backup location folder, but it is still giving me this error message.

Are there any ideas on what the issue is or how to resolve it?

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Esri Contributor

Hi Ryan,

Can you share with us the version of ArcGIS Datastore you are using? 

Looks like we have a Bug logged for this behavior and has been fixed at 10.7 of ArcGIS Datastore

BUG-000114229 The message “There is a database backup process running” is returned when running the ArcGIS Data Store configurebackuplocation utility.

ArcGIS 10.7 Issues Addressed List

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Regular Contributor

That could be it. We are running version 10.6.1.

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New Contributor III

I also have the exact problem. I am also using version 10.6.1. The problem for me is the old backup location was removed. Now I am not able to set the location to a new place.

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