Two Enterprise Servers on AWS (Ubuntu) storing shared site config in S3

05-21-2021 09:50 AM
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I'm trying to deploy two ESRI Enterprise Servers on AWS (Ubuntu) using ESRI's Enterprise Server AMI.   To deal with the need for access to shared configuration, I'm trying follow  The portion that I'm unclear about is that the doc states that you'll need 3 EC2 instances;  2 will be connected the server site and the 3rd will be the "file share".

For my question, instances A and B will be connected in the Server Site, and instance C will be the "file share".

  • Step 2b, should this be 6443, or do I need to enable HTTP?
  • Step 3 is on instance A and B.  No question here.
  • Step 4-10, what instance(s) are these performed on, A, B or C? 
  • Steps 12-13 are performed on instance B.  No question here.

So overall, if I am correct on steps 3, 12 and 13, I'm unclear on 4-10 and mainly where does instance C come into the process.   Also does instance C need to remain running?




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Hello @DB_PPF,

Thank you for your questions. For step 2b, you are free to use 6443 to further secure your ArcGIS Server site; enabling HTTP is not mandatory. For steps 4-10, these steps are performed on AWS instance A.

Instance C will need to remain running, yes, as this instance is dedicated to serving as the ArcGIS Server site's file share. Instance C serves to host the configuration store, directories and log settings.

So once the setup is complete, you will have instances A and B operating in a highly available ArcGIS Server site and both instances refer to instance C as the file path for the site's configuration store and directories.

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