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Managing Leftover Services present in DataStore but not in Portal

05-21-2021 01:12 PM
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Our organization's Enterprise DataStore Database is in a bit of a state.

To my best knowledge, there are a few services that either failed in creation or published partially. These are visible in the DataStore (as feature classes, attachment tables, relationship classes) when making a connection via Catalog. However, I can't find some of these leftover services in the Portal Content or through Portal Admin or Server Manager.

I don't necessarily want these taking up space if they're not being used for anything (as far as I can tell they're not actively used at all - mostly temporary layers or test publishes that were later deleted through portal (but not completely?).

What's the recommended practice for removal/deletion of some of these leftovers? Is it possible to just delete the feature layers and related content through the DataStore database connection? Thanks,

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should probably open a support ticket for this one.

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