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Two Different UTM Zones (36N & 37N)

09-19-2023 05:01 AM
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In an urban planning project, I have a project area that is within two different UTM Zones (36N & 37N).  What is the appropriate way to deal with this issue in order to build my geodatabase? Building the geodatabase will rely on performing  digitizing  for remote sensing imageries to prepare the needed feature classes of land parcels, buildings, and roads centerline, and so on.

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        Does the country have an alternate map projection other than UTM that does not have a boundary running through the city?  If yes, use the alternate map projection.  If no, choose the UTM zone that contains the largest portion of your city.

        My jurisdiction, the Province of New Brunswick is bisected by UTM zones 19 and 20.  But our primary map projection is New Brunswick Stereographic Double (EPSG 2953). 

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