Share Package Tool Fails to Publish Web Layer

05-28-2020 12:29 PM
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Hi all,

I have been trying to use the Share Package tool in ArcGIS Pro (v2.5.1) to publish a map tile package and hosted tile layer to Portal for ArcGIS (v10.7.1). I keep getting 'Error 002934: Failed to publish web layer.' When I look in Portal the map tile package has been published and hosted tile layer created but the hosted tile layer does not load when trying to import it into a map. I have included a screenshot of the results from running the tool in ArcGIS Pro.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated thanks.

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We also frequently run into this error when trying to Share Package from Pro to ArcGIS Online accounts, particularly with TPKs create using the Create Map Tile Package tool (instead of the Manage Tile Cache --> Export Tile Cache workflow). Error seems inconsistent, will probably reach out to support about it today.

When you see the TPK in your portal account, and corresponding tile service, check the Tile Details of that new service to see if any tiles were actually published (they probably weren't, which is why it's not displaying when you try to view in a map). I wonder if the missing Username in the details screenshot you provided is a clue. First thing to check is your portal connection in Pro (not the Pro license connection, but the Portal connection). We've found that's an easy one to overlook. 

Have also found that restarting Pro after signing in to the correct/desired portal can make that error go away, but the error is inconsistent.

Hope some of this helps.

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Has anyone learned more about this or found a reliable workaround? We are experiencing a very similar issue.

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