Sever Level Logs in ArcGIS for Server (Exception Messages)

12-23-2021 11:00 AM
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 I was looking at the Debug Logs in our ArcGIS Server Manager and see two Severe Level Logs:

Exception in Put(): 4672 Put exception: the client id
4672 already has a value
GIS_Housing.MapServer_4673 checked out.


Exception in Get(): _GetItemIterator exception: client id
4672 is trying to check out GIS_Planning.MapServer
but it already checked out


These services are both sourced from our Enterprise GDB (SQL Server not a File GDB or Data Store).

Any thoughts on what these message mean and how to resolve them?


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It seems to be related to how the data is set up.

Esri Community - Server Manager Log questions 

Try unchecking the schema lock option in the map service settings. Do you have Feature Service enabled? Is anyone trying to edit the data through the service?

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Our organization is also seeing this issue. Has anyone found a resolution?

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I'm interested in this as well; our data is coming from a bulk-publish based on a data store portal item tied to a view-only SDE connection.

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Hi Everyone, coming across a similar error. Does this have to do with shared instances? In our case, the error is saying that map service A (tied to database A and in its own folder on ArcGIS Server) cannot be checked out because map service B (tied to database B and in its own folder on ArcGIS Server) is already checked out. 
We have 254 map services, most of them published as shared instances. 


Exception in Get(): _GetItemIterator exception: client id 19972 is trying to check out FolderA/MapServiceA.MapServer but it already checked out FolderB/MapServiceB.MapServer19972


Service instance activation failed in 'System/DynamicMappingHost.MapServer'. AutomationException: 0x80004005 - Unspecified error

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I am also seeing similar error. We recently switched to shared instances rather than dedicated. This is when I started to notice the error. It must be related. However I am not seeing any timeouts or high response times for the services that are showing this error. 

I am wondering what this error actually means? Seems like the data is responding as expected. 

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Also getting the errors, also wondering.

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Yep, I'm also getting these errors and wondering. The 2 services mentioned in the error are using shared instances. They were published as feature services from versioned data stored in a feature dataset in an enterprise gdb. The error refers to the map service though. The services are being used in a field app and web app. The data updates being done with the field app seem to be working fine. 


Just providing some details in case it helps to determine the cause of this error.  

Laurel Krynock
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We are also seeing this.  Seems to have stared when we started using shared instances. Data from SDE, read only, no extra capabilities turned on.  Just standard MapServer services. 

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ah my favorite ESRI Community pastime, finding a year old thread with the same issue I just ran into with no resolution 😉

Add me to the list of people spotting this error in my ArcGIS Server logs. Specifically 10.9.1 and as with others it seems to be limited to services that are in the shared pool.