Service sharing on ArcGIS server manager repeatedly resets to not shared

03-22-2017 07:47 AM
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I have a shared service on ArcGIS for server 10.4.1 that simply refuses to stay shared. When the service was originally created it worked, and then due to some unknown change, it reset to not shared. Now when I go to the server manager and click the sharing icon next to the service I get:

"This service has been shared to a portal but could not be found on the portal. To reshare your service with the portal, choose who you want to share your service with and click Save."

If I click "Update Sharing" (the only option), it says "Please wait while the service sharing is updated" and often hangs for several minutes during this update process. Then I mark it as shared and close the dialog.

The service will work for several minutes and then revert to not shared.

What could cause this problem. I have spent much time seeking solutions online, in the logs, etc. But I can find nothing.

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No answer really, but is Portal federated?  Although I am still in testing phase with Portal (10.5.0 for me), I know that is you federal Portal, that becomes the primary security manager, so maybe instead of sharing from Server you need to do it through Portal.  Just a wild guess for something to tyu.

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Hi Timothy,

We've had this issue with AGS 10.3.1 (federated with Portal)

I've managed to resolve it by updating the sharing of the service in Server Manager. When this happens, 2 items are created in My Content. One will be shared with Everyone and the other will be unshared. The service shared with Everyone needs to be deleted and the unshared service needs to be shared appropriately.

I'm not 100% sure why it's happens, but it seems to happen when the admin of services is done between Portal and Server Manager.


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Hello All,

I think what you're running into are the following defects logged at Server-Portal 10.4.1:

  • BUG-000099098 – When a federated map image layer, shared to Everyone, is moved to another folder in Portal for ArcGIS the sharing properties are displayed as Private in ArcGIS Server Manager.
  • BUG-000099099 – When a federated map image layer, unshared, is moved to another folder in Portal for ArcGIS and the sharing properties are updated in ArcGIS Server Manager to Everyone, duplicate map image layer items are created under the root folder on the federated Portal.

The following patch was released for 10.4.1: ArcGIS Server 10.4.1 Manager Sharing Properties Patch 

Restart the ArcGIS Server service and make sure the browser cache is cleared after installation.