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All services in ArcGis Server locked suddenly

05-17-2017 12:59 AM
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I couldn’t figure out why all my services locked suddenly.

I walked through them and unlocked them one by one, how could that happened suddenly?



what might be the issue here?

Ps: I use arcgis server10.5



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Do you have any admin scripts managing perms? e.g. Example: Apply permissions to a service—ArcGIS Server Administration (Linux) | ArcGIS Enterprise 

I can see how a script this could easily apply perms to all services, unintended. Are there other admins on the machine that would have set the perms?

Esri Notable Contributor

There was a bug in prior versions where if the server lost connection to the config-store, then all services became locked.  This has been fixed for a while, though.  I think you should turn on at least Verbose logs, decrease the time to retain all logs to a day or two days, and then monitor the status of the services.  If they come locked again, take a look at the logs to see what happened.

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That almost sounds like good fail safe behavior rather than a bug! Good info to know.