Service recycling vs server reboot

12-06-2019 02:08 AM
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Everyday our services recycle at midnight. This process is very cpu hungry and often uses 100% resource (the server should be up to the job - it is a VM with 4 cores at 2.8ghz and 32gb ram). A couple of hours later the server has its daily restart (like every other server in the estate), which takes about 30mins as, again, it uses 100% resource to start to services.

To me it seems pointless having the services recycle and the restarting the server. We cant have them recycle during the day as it has too much impact on the use of the server even if it is just a few at a time). Does anyone know if it is possible to stop the services recycling?

If I can stop this (which would be a real design problem the server software) would you recommend scrapping the daily reboot and perhaps just having a weekly one?

Many thanks

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You are required to have a Recycling Setting parameter set for your web services.  More information regarding recycling can be found here in the ArcGIS Enterprise documentation.

As a workaround, you could consider setting the "Recycle this configuration every:" setting for a value larger than the default setting of 24 (i.e., 168, so recycling only takes place once a week).

If this doesn't take care of the issue you're encountering, I would recommend posting your idea on the ArcGIS Ideas website.

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In my experience there is no need for a regular reboot of ArcGIS Server machines. But of course this could depend on your own situation. So I would think once a week (or less) should be fine.

Recycles can be quite useful though, again depending on the map service and how it is used. Sometimes some mapservices can become unresponsive, and a recycle usually solves this. I .expect the CPU being at 100 % because of recycling, does not have an impact on the user experience, because I believe ArcGIS Server gives priority to normal requests over the recycling process. But if you are worried about this, you could spread the recycle times of your different mapservices, so that the CPU does not stay at 100 % during a long time.