Rest Service for hosted feature service in ArcGIS Enterprise

02-23-2024 03:40 AM
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Hello All 😊

I have hosted a feature layer in the ArcGIS Enterprise and I wanted to share the hosted service using rest service. So my URL looks something like this

But the client asks for the rest services like this

I really don't understand what is the difference between these two. Are there variations in authentication, authorization, data formats, or other aspects? 

The final goal is that client wants to integrate the feature layer in their web based platform. 
Any inputs will be very helpful. Thank you. 🙏

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The URL referencing: would be one that is coming from ArcGIS Online. If your other URL is available, publicly or could be accessed via UN / PW, then they could add it to their deployment as an item.

Here is some documentation on this for ArcGIS Enterprise:

--- George T.