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Requirement for ArcGIS to read tables saved in PostgreSQL

09-05-2023 07:34 PM
New Contributor


I am using another GIS software (Alteryx) to create a spatial table in PostgreSQL database connected to ArcGIS Enterprise.

When I try to open that table in Alteryx, everything is fine. I can see the columns, values and shapes.

However, when I try to open it in ArcGIS Pro, it says "Attribute column not found", and does not open.

What should I do differently for ArcGIS to be able to ready this table correctly?

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Esri Contributor

Hello @JingukKim1  , please could you post a description of your PostgreSQL Table so that we can see it's Column Names and Data Types. It could be that it is using an Esri Reserved Word, or perhaps exceeding an Esri limit ?


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