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Is there any way can restrict layer with custom group with token generated via admin user in ArcGIS portal

09-06-2023 02:04 AM
New Contributor III

We need to use the portal token in our custom app, where we need to use the feature service URL with the portal token. Let us know how to get a portal token without a username and password. If we use the portal admin user name and password and then a token generated from the super user, anyone can access other custom group layers as well. How to avoid that. We want to keep the custom group-wise private layer accessible only to those users who are part of the assigned custom group.


I am guessing there is no way to get token without username and password.  for our case due to SAML we can't use OKTA username password to get token. So we have to use portaladmin user name and password. but need to control token usage to limited to customer group where user is belong to

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