Publishing "Version Management" enabled Map Service to ArcGIS Server

12-17-2019 11:28 AM
Occasional Contributor

I am having trouble enabling the "Version Management" checkbox for a published Map Service on ArcGIS Server (see image below).  I followed the instructions given in the ArcGIS blog "Branch Versioning: Setting the Stage" (a great posting by Peter Forister) and published a Map Service, but the "Version Management" checkbox is disabled.  The instruction given in the blog is to publish a layer through Portal so I guess publishing a Map Service to ArcGIS Server may require a different approach. 

I am in an educational organization and I am not sure the Portal for ArcGIS is offered to institutional members so I am trying to publish an editing enabled layer to ArcGIS Online.  I would very much appreciate any help.

Image:  ArcGIS Server Manager: "Version Management" checkbox is unenabled

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