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07-07-2019 02:29 AM
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I have create a web map application in portal, all of the data etc is shared with everyone and anonymous access is enabled.  However whenever i send the web map application URL to users it requires them to sign in.  How do i share this web map application with users without them needing to sign in.  I have created them before and they have just displayed fine.


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Hello Andrew, 

When your users attempt to access web app are they prompted for ArcGIS Online or Portal credentials? I would recommend double checking all the web app content and the web map itself are shared with 'everyone'.

Are all services in the web map coming from the federated ArcGIS Server? If you are using Esri basemaps it's possible the users are being prompted for ArcGIS Online credentials for the basemap.

If that is the case it's possible to add the basemaps as an item to Portal and save credentials with the item.

Portal for ArcGIS - Customize basemaps: Create and share basemaps.

Hope this helps!



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