Only can see the last Rec and Post differences

12-07-2023 02:17 PM
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When I try and see the differences between one moment and another using Branched Versioning (through the REST API), I can only see the differences of the latest version that was checked in.


  1. Edit a feature class in one version 
  2. Rec and Post the version
  3. Edit a feature class (or same) in another version (could even be the same version)
  4. Rec and Post the Version
  5. Try and view differences of the default version via the REST API 
    1. Start reading
    2. set the from moment to the time prior the time of the first Rec and post (from step 2 above)
    3. get differences: example url:


sessionid:  1701977451347

fromMoment: "1701977451220"

resultType: objectids


The return set of differences comes back with ONLY the changes from the second Rec and Post (from step 4 above).

Is my process correct for obtaining the differences from multiple rec and posts? Is this even possible?

I'm using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1




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