Old GIS dude left. Now I need to pick up the pieces...

04-13-2015 12:08 PM
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When I came to my present company, someone had set up Arc Server 10.0 Service Pack 2, SQL Server, Geocortex 3.9. I have been asked to pick up the pieces and fix the problems and expand. As of now our online maps don't work.

My Experience: I’m an established Geo-Tech in the petroleum industry. I am new to ArcGIS but I’m familiar with learning and using new software. Petra, Global Mapper, Photoshop, Illistrator, etc... Also I used to make HTML 4 websites like 13years ago.

Questions: Should I try and get the old map services up and running first? Or Should I just upgrade everything and start from scratch (ArcGIS Server 10.3/Geocortex 4.0)?

I understand that taking on this job means it’s going to be a lot of work on my part. Especially having to handle the ArcGIS Administrator side as well as Mapping and my Geo-Tech duties. I was trying to reach out and see if anyone has experience, that they could share or help direct me on the route to take. Hopefully make the process less painful.

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Hi Cole.

Since upgrading to ArcGIS Server 10.3 would require you to re-publish your ArcGIS Server 10.0 services, I would recommend upgrading first.  You can then publish your data to ArcGIS Server 10.3 and reconfigure you web map applications with the new services.

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Unless this company is not Old Dude friendly, I think this is a duplicate post of this thread... Old Dudes beware

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Thx Jake

Im gonna take your advice.

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Chances are pretty good that the old dude installed and configured everything using his domain credentials....IT probably killed his login and now you have a jacked up enterprise GIS.  Major....major changes between 10 and 10.3.  If you have the time, energy and resources I might wipe the servers and start from scratch.  Your version 10.3 MXDs will have compatibility issues with version 10 so just take note that all ESRI products in your organization will need to be updated.....which means a complete uninstall of version 10.  You can email me akreag at bisconsultants dot com if you would like to discuss a bit.

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OMG Aaron your totally right about it using the old gis dude credentials, IT deleted his account. everything was connected to his account! I couldn't get in everything. So Now im just gonna do a new install with server 10.3. Thanks Bud

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Hi Cole,

I am in the process now of updating our Geocortex for our organization from 3.15 to 4.3.1 using ArcGIS Server 10.3.1.  We installed Geocortex 3.15 a year ago April (Using AGS 10.2) and it is extremely out of date (you are 3.9?).  Latitude refers to it as "legacy".  There is a huge push at Latitude to develop for the HTML5 viewer.  Not sure what you are using Geocortex for but we waited for the HTML5 viewer to have parity with the Silverlight viewer, but they are not quite there yet.  Hence I am developing the GSV (Geocortex for Silverlight Viewer) and am finding that even with the knowledge that Silverlight has been deprecated in Chrome it is still stable in Explorer and the upgrade is totally worth it.

The other issue you may run in to if you do not update Geocortex is that as browsers are updated there is less support provided.

Also, with regard to your server...if you have the option and the time I wouldn't bother getting 10.0 back up and running.  When our organization upgraded we had the huge advantage of getting a new server, so everything was installed new (with no overwrites or uninstalling) and built new maps, etc. All the development was completed before launch. When we launched it was a huge success and we just shut down the old server.

Good luck,


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