Multiple Imagery Layer Storage

06-10-2020 03:55 PM
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We currently have 6 different aerial photos of our area which have the same footprint, but are from different years.  I am interested in what best practice would be to serve these out of our Enterprise system.  We aren't looking to provide any analysis capabilities, just serve the imagery in a manner that is quick for the users and doesn't tax our servers.  It will be consumed by both desktop ArcGIS users as well as mobile users.

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I would create a raster mosaic dataset (RMD) in a separate file gdb for each set of imagery and create an image service from each RMD with the Image Server role of ArcGIS Server.  My org had multiple RMDs in one file gdb and when the file gdb was corrupted at some point in time it took down multiple image services instead of just one image service.

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