Can't display layers in Enterprise Sites, till REST services are opened

02-01-2020 09:26 AM
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Hi Everyone, 

I'm experiencing an issue with ArcGIS Enterprise sites 10.7, in particular the embedded web map element.

The layers are showing only when displayed in a standalone web map/app, but when the web map is added as an element to a site, layers don't show up. I have to open the REST services of the federated server, login and then layers show up in the site. However, if a web app (containing the same web map) is added to the sites in iframe element, layers show up normally. 

I thought it would be a certificate issue, hence I made sure the CA-signed and root certificates are installed in the machine and imported in the server and portal SSL certificates. Also, I created a domain certificate and imported it for the web adaptor <> server & portal internal communication, but no joy! 


Server and Portal and WA10.7

Same machine

Machine is publicly accessible

Any ideas?


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Esri Contributor

Hi Ahmad - the behavior you are encountering is a known defect, BUG-000127013: Secure services are not rendering on ArcGIS Enterprise Sites.  This bug is currently marked as "in product plan".  You can subscribe to this defect here; doing so can help us understand the demand behind this bug.

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Hello Jill.  Referring to this bug status, am I reading correctly that this bug isn't fixed unless we jump to Portal 10.8.1?

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Esri Contributor

Hi Kelly St. John, you are correct - this bug won't be fixed until ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1.

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