Multiple government agencies using one portal

10-26-2020 03:48 PM
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My organization is setting up an ArcGIS Enterprise Portal.  We have our own licenses to allow users in my organization to access the Portal.  

My boss wants to give local and state governments access to our Portal so that they have a place to put their data so that they can share and work with other agencies.

My question is right now my organization has it's own license to use Portal.  Is it possible to make it to where when they log into our ArcGIS Enterprise Portal it uses these other local and state entities ESRI licenses?  

I'm not even sure how to set up something like this. Should I create new members, groups, or what???

I'd appreciate any guidance.

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Hello Craig,

An Esri Representative will contact you to discuss the issue below.

Thank you


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Ana, thank you for your reply. Yes I can communicate with a ESRI Representative about this issue.  Since it's not a problem with software it will be more of a discussion on if it's possible to implement what my superior wants.

I am working from home so it would be better to reach me through the Geonet forum or the email listed in my profile.


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