Mixed ArcGIS Server (AGS) Publishing Environment

10-14-2019 07:24 AM
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My organization, which does not have Portal, currently publishes all of our services from ArcMap.  With the AGS 10.7.x release shared instances is a new concept that can help with the memory footprint on the AGS server(s), but only if services are published from Pro which can now be done with the UI as of Pro 2.4.

Due to equivalency issues that still exist between ArcMap and Pro, I am unable to publish all the services from Pro, but I can publish a good portion of these services from Pro which could be helpful to lower the memory load of the AGS server(s).  As such, does anyone currently make use of a mixed publishing environment between ArcMap and Pro at AGS 10.7.x?

Are there any issues that I should be aware if I attempt to setup this type of environment?

Does this present problems with AGS maintenance with a dual publishing environment?

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