What Type of ArcGIS Installation Is Required to Run Python Scripts as Scheduled Tasks?

12-20-2018 11:19 AM
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Currently, our organization runs various ArcPy python scripts as Windows Scheduled Tasks from a workstation.  But I know some people prefer to run these from a server machine.  I am hoping to get some clarification on this issue.  So below are some questions:

1. What software needs to be installed on a workstation or server to run ArcPy python scripts as a scheduled task?

 1a. Does ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro need to be installed? 

 2b. Or does only the ArcGIS 10.x Python installation need to be present?

2. If you run a Python script scheduled task on a server that has the ArcGIS 10.x Python installed, but not ArcGIS Desktop/Pro, are you limited with what functions you can run? (i.e., you can't run processes that required Standard or Advanced license).

3. What are the advantages/disadvantages of running the scheduled tasks from a workstation or a server?

Thanks everyone! Hopefully other Esri users find the discussion for this question helpful.

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3. What are the advantages/disadvantages of running the scheduled tasks from a workstation or a server?

Most likely servers are never powered off when you schedule the task as your org might have a power saving policy to power off all workstations during non-business hours which is when you would most likely have these tasks scheduled.

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Hi Patrick, did you receive answers to your questions?  I have the same/similar questions.  We run a python script from a linux box that is going away.  We want to move the script to a Windows server and use the task scheduler, but are unsure if we need to install a licensed version of Pro or ArcMap on the server.

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I have always used a concurrent use license with ArcMap installed on a Windows Server server.  The scheduled tasks will consume a concurrent use license when scripts are running, but hopefully you would run these scripts at a time of day when concurrent use licenses are available (e.g. middle of night).

The licensing for Pro is trickier than ArcMap and you would follow the below posts on information about this:

Python script as sheduled task (ArcGIS Pro) 

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