Map Application based on a Map Service stuck on initial query result extent

10-14-2021 01:50 PM
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Our developer created a parcel app with an address search.  After we search for and choose a parcel in the results window, the user sees tabular data.  Many users will then go to the map tab, pan around and click on neighboring parcels.  If we click on another polygon and view it's info then return to the map tab, it blinks and returns you to the initial parcel from the search results.  The newly clicked on parcel should cancel/supersede the initial search result extents.   The developer says it's a service issue or IIS and the engineers say it's in the code.  GIS guy in the middle.  I recently noticed this setting "Supports Returning Query Extent: true" in the Parcel feature of the map service.   But I can't figure out what controls any of the Advanced Query Capabilities.  ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1, Federated servers. The service is published from a 10.7.1 mxd. Hopefully a setting will be obvious to someone here. Thanks for looking.  Steps to follow: Link to site City of Hampton

  1. Enter 94 and Lincoln St and hit Search
  2. Click 94 Lincoln in the Results tab
  3. On the General Info page, click Map tab to view 94 Lincoln in the Map
  4. Pop up shows 94 Lincoln correctly.  Click on different parcel anywhere in the Map to create new pop up.
  5. In new pop up, click on “View Property Details” to see Property Sheet for 84 Lincoln (or any other parcel).
  6.  Click on Map tab to view what should be the pop up for 84 Lincoln St. But you're back to 94 Lincoln.  Click on any other parcel and repeat steps 5-6, it always returns to 94 Lincoln...unless you start a new search in Step 1.  Thanks again!
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