LDAP and Active Directory auth config

11-07-2019 04:57 AM
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An organisation has two kinds of users : some are from an Active Directory identity store, some are from a LDAP identity store. What would be the most suitable configuration for the authentication (and for ArcGIS enterprise in general)?

From the documentation, I'd say that's preferable to deploy two web adaptors :

  • one to a Java app server
  • one to IIS

Am I right ? Is there any doc about how to configure multiple portal web adaptor ? 

Or is there other possibilities ? 

Maybe stupid question, but is SSO still possible in this kind of config ?


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Hello Guillaume Ruelle‌,

You can configure Portal to use either IWA or LDAP. To my knowledge it is not possible to utilize both IWA and LDAP with one Portal. In additional it is only supported to have one Web Adaptor per Portal. 

Portal for ArcGIS - Use your portal with LDAP and web-tier authentication.

Portal for ArcGIS - Use Integrated Windows Authentication with your portal. 

Hope this helps!