Layer names when publishing a service

06-25-2019 08:31 AM
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I am using ArcMap 10.5.1 and when I publish a service to Enterprise, the resulting web map will rename the layers to have the format: Service name-layer name.  For example if I name my service "Map for Matt" and have a layer originally named "wellpads", the resulting webmap will show the layer as "Map for Matt - Wellpads". Is there any way to get the webmap layer to just say "wellpads"?


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Hello Matthew,

Usually the layer name for the service should reflect the layer name from the .mxd. Web Map's do offer functionality to rename, remove and reorder layers.

Portal for ArcGIS - Organize Layers

Hope this helps!

Thank you,


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Thanks for the reply Thomas. My issue is that the layer name adds the name of the service to the name of the layer.  If the name of my service is "New Map" and the name of my original layer is "Layer 1", then the layer in the webmap ends up as "New Map - Layer 1". I know how to rename that layer but I would prefer to not have to go in and rename all the layers to get rid of the "New Map" part of the name.  However it sounds like there is no way to do this.



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