Issues with data access in ArcGIS Server

09-13-2016 03:17 AM
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Hi there,

we have successfully registered various SDE connection and folder shares as data store in ArcGIS server. Since a couple of weeks we have issues with the accessibility of these data. Some are available and some get the red exclamation mark when we check the data sources. But that changes randomly and every second.

We have already tried a restart of the server (of course ;-)) and reregistering of the data sources doesn't solve the problem. But data are available in the services..

Has somebody came across the same issue and found a solution?



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If you were to check the Server logs, or run Fiddler or the Developer Tools while validating the data store, can you provide the error that's returned for the failure?

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Can you please check and validate ArcGIS server data store 

If you have any cross in any of data store then need to configure or add this again.

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Verify passwords for the ArcSDE access have not expired/changed. 

And if by chance any of the SDE are authorized thru an EDN license which expires annually, make sure to reauthorize them with your new EDN or a current ArcGIS Server .ecp file.  (we just had that happen here).

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