Is there a that runs on python 3.5

05-29-2018 05:14 PM
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Is there a that runs on python 3 

I would like to run it on the portal server but it fails as it was written for python 2, which I find interesting as portal uses python 3

I understand you could copy it to another machine but why when you could run it on the machine.
one that runs on both python2 or 3 would be most ideal in this age of ArcGIS for desktop and ArcGIS Pro.

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Now assuming that the script applies to your situation and checks the same things, there could be 2 reasons

  1. the script doesn't apply or check for the same things as the existing version is intended to do
  2. the python hasn't been upgraded to python 3 which means you can run 2to3 translation which comes with the Anaconda distribution of ArcGIS Pro if you have it
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I believe the rationale was based around the portalpy library. While this script doesn't use the portalpy library, portalpy is a 2.7 library that was built prior to the ArcGIS API for Python

If I had to guess, the tools that come nested within the Portal installations will migrate toward the ArcGIS API for Python at some point, which would cut 2.7 out of the equation. However, given the target end-date of ArcMap/Catalog for 2021, I'd say it'll likely persist until then.

Additionally, I think an additional force at play is ArcGIS for Server's continued reliance on python 2.7. Looking at the script, it looks like may have just been a minute derivation thereof. 

If I had to guess the "plan" would be to expand the ArcGIS Monitor to do a lot of these checks to compartmentalize the efforts of each part of the system. AGSM comes with file, but isn't used currently in the product it seems -- I'd be interested to see how that develops.

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