Data missing in webservice

05-23-2018 03:50 AM
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I have sde database in which district feature class is available. to which i have joined external data from a view from another MIS database. I have published the same in arcgis server. The data is available when it is consumed in arcmap

But when i tried to access the same in the data is missing

can anyone guide me. I need to consume the same for javascript web application.

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Just a question/suggestion: did you add the other database as a data store in ArcGIS Enterprise?



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Is the missing data come from the other database? What is different/special about the missing features?

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My first hunch is that you're publishing data with an in-memory join, which is a no-go for feature services in AGOL (FAQ: AGOL In-Memory Joins). If you're publishing to ArcGIS for Server with an in-memory join, that also has issues (AGS In-Memory Joins Missing Data  and 24040 - In-Memory Join Error). If I were a betting man, I'd say that's the problem.

But, for due diligence, I'll echo and extend Jonathan & Joris' questions:

  1. If the service is public facing, could you send the link to the Web Map or AGOL Item?
    1. If not, could you share the URL of the service (and remove your organization name) that you're adding to the Web Map?
  2. When you say you 'joined from another external MIS database,' can you confirm the two datasets are from different enteprise geodatabases that are registered with your server?
  3. Are you publishing directly to AGOL (as a hosted feature layer) or to your ArcGIS for Server deployment?
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