Is it possible to check geometry in child version before reconciling?

03-14-2022 01:22 PM
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Hello everyone,

When I go to reconcile a session before posting, it will sometimes fail due to geometry errors when reconciling in favor of the child version or when trying to accept a pre-reconcile feature vs the conflict feature in the parent version. I copied screenshots of the errors below (sorry about blacking out the feature names, they have our company's name in it and I'd rather keep that anonymous.) I'm able to navigate to the feature and fix the problem, but sometimes there are numerous geometry errors and it is time consuming to fix an error, run the reconcile, fix another error, etc.

I'm wondering if there is any way to locate and resolve all those errors beforehand? I know the Check and Repair Geometry tools can't be run on an SDE geodatabase and while I have seen some solutions such as unversioning the dataset or running the tools on a replica of the database, I don't have the ability to do either of those things. Are there any other ways of checking feature geometry in a child version before reconciling or is going through them one by one the only way? We're currently using ArcMap 10.6 with an Oracle SDE. I also don't have Arc installed locally and am accessing it through a server, but I imagine that wouldn't make a difference.






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