How to see views in ArcSDE

03-28-2016 09:53 PM
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I have created a view which i am not able to see it in Arc SDE. Can anyone help me on this.



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Please move this question out of this place, and into a place where it might be seen by geodatabase experts (like Geodatabase).  You should also edit the original question to contain the information necessary to generate an answer, which would include:

  • The version(s) of ArcGIS in use
  • The RDBMS (with exact version) hosting the enterprise geodatabase ("ArcSDE" no longer exists)
  • The exact command you issued to create the view
  • The exact table definition of the view (especially datatypes)
  • Confirmation that the view generates correct/desired results from a SQL prompt
  • What you mean by "not able to see"

- V