How to hide sign in and search options on top of ArcGIS Enterprise Sites

07-16-2020 08:55 PM
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Would it be possible to hide/remove sign in and search options that appear on top on my enterprise sites? Please find attached for more details.

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That header section is called global navigation and was added last year to help improve site navigation. In the 'Get Started' section of the Global Navigation: New Ways to Get Around and Brand your Sites with ArcGIS Hub and ArcGIS Enterprise ... article they highlight how to turn on/off the global navigation.

  1. Sign in to or your organization’s Portal.
  2. Open your site in edit mode
  3. Open the Customize panel.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Click Capabilities.
  6. Click to toggle On/Off Global Navigation.
  7. Click Save.


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Thank you for your response. Now I am able to toggle off Global Navigation.

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