How to estimate the number of SQL licenses necessary to install ArcGIS enterprise on MS SQL?

01-23-2020 12:42 PM
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We are about to install ArcGIS enterprise which will make use of MS Standard SQL version.

As non-profit organization we have access to discounted Microsoft licenses.

ArcGIS enterprise will be installed on a MS server 2016 with 32 Gb and 8 cores.

The Core-Based Licensing is too expensive so I will need to go with the Server/CAL licence.

My questions:

1) What are the element to consider in order to buy the MS SQL licence o provide enough licencing resource to ArcGIS Enterprise? We don't expect more than 2,3 consecutive connections to the portal in admin mode and a total of 5 users to the data. 

That said the public maps (story maps) will be open to public (which I don't thin will use any MS SQL licence) 

2) Is ArcGIS Enterprise process considered 1 user. If I connected to the portal with 10 users is sql still looking at 1 user or 10 users?  Users will not have direct access to the database.

The link will show you what I was planning to purchase but the quantity is the "?"

SQL Server Standard Edition (Server/CAL) | TechSoup Canada 

thanks in advance


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Hi Giancarlo,

FYI, ArcGIS Enterprise consists of 4 components:

  1. ArcGIS Web Adaptor
  2. Portal for ArcGIS
  3. GIS Server
  4. ArcGIS Data Store

For more background, What is ArcGIS Enterprise?—ArcGIS Enterprise | ArcGIS Enterprise 

None of these components install or directly use MS SQL Server. ArcGIS Enteprise can use enterprise geodatabases as a data source to power its web services. An enterprise geodatabase is deployed within a MS SQL Server instance,

Geodatabases in Microsoft SQL Server—Manage geodatabases in SQL Server | ArcGIS Desktop 

A1. What should be taken into consideration is the volume of data that you plan on storing within an enterprise geodatabase. Also, how many users will directly access the data. And you're correct, Story Maps do not use an installation of MS SQL Server.

A2. This question is a bit vague and too general, so it is difficult to comment on. The GIS Server component uses an account called the "ArcGIS Server account" which helps the software operate.

Accounts used by ArcGIS Server—Deploy | ArcGIS Enterprise 

I would check with your local esri account manager/Distributor for guidance on which MS SQL Server license you should purchase, based on your overall ArcGIS Enterprise deployment strategy. E.g., how many GIS Server instances will you have? How many enterprise geodatabases will you have?

Hope this helps,