How Do I Add the stock Feature Layer Templates back into my Enterprise Portal?? 

03-20-2019 04:02 PM
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Portal 10.6.1 / Server2012 R2 / DataStore 

Portal Content - Create - Feature Layer:  All Feature layer Templates return this message when I click 'Create':' does not exist or is inaccessible.

This is because I "cleaned" the C:/arcgisportal/content/items directory in an attempt to delete an orphaned content item from a previous federation.  The items are deleted from recycle bin


Where do I find these?

How do get them back in the content folder for Portal to access when called for? 

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Hello Drew, 

Do you have a backup or snapshot you can revert to? Alternatively do you have an export of your Portal site before the items were deleted? 

Unfortunately to my knowledge the only way to bring back the feature templates would be to rebuild your Portal site. If you have the option you may want to create a support ticket to go through the rebuild process.

Thank you,


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