Having an issue with local traffic overloading server

07-17-2015 08:30 AM
New Contributor

I'm running a web app that is pulling data from an ArcGIS server in the same building but it doesn't want to plot when running the time animation.  However, if I go to another building on campus, a wireless connection or off-campus, the map functions just fine.  I did notice the server CPU utilization spikes to 100% when trying to access in the building but only about 30-50% when outside.  No errors are being logged in the server.  Any ideas why access from inside the building may be overloading the server? The internal network is a 1Gb with jumbo frame support.  I'm wondering if jumbo frames are an issue.  But, I'm reluctant to turn that off since it would impact a lot of large data transfers that occur in the evening.  This is also running on a Hyper-V cluster as a virtual machine, Windows Server 2008 R2, server version 10.2.

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